Shipping Delays to Russia No Problem for Consumers

Shipping delays

When some people see the possibility of shipping delays of up to one month on items purchased online from foreign countries, their reaction is usually to find a more local supplier. For consumers in Russia, that delayed gratification is openly embraced.

Consumers in Russia have a large appetite for products from foreign countries. In fact, demand has been so high that most shippers haven’t been able to keep up with timely delivery. Air transportation has been in very tight supply, so some packages are being shipped overseas. That slower method of transportation means additional time in the delivery network. Add to that the difficulty Russian Post is having keeping up with the unexpected increase in demand, and some packages can spend a significant amount of time in transit. Despite the sometimes lengthy travel times, Russian consumers aren’t worried.

Products purchased locally in Russia offer convenience, greater service, and a better fit. The convenience of such benefits, however, can be overshadowed by the usually higher prices charged for a variety of products – sometimes significantly higher prices.

Rather than purchasing some products locally, Russian consumers are turning to the Internet to buy their items at prices that can be less than half of what they see in local stores. The lure of significant savings, so far, has been more than enough reason to accept slower delivery service as a new normal.

Do you think an item purchased online at a significant discount is worth a long delay in receiving it?


1 Comment

  1. Jonn

     /  January 18, 2013

    The only way I have the stuff shipped to me from online stores is by the cheapest possible route available. If I pay more than that, I might as well get the stuff at the local store to save money.

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