Selling Used Items Online Could be Road to Misery

Selling used items online

Selling items over the Internet is a great way to make a few extra dollars off unwanted stuff. Making sure payment is received can be a major snag if the person buying those items has no intention of paying.

Recently, Mario Lopez sold of a pair of $300 shoes online to a willing buyer – in Nigeria, Africa. The seller was preparing to ship the shoes through the Postal Service when a postal employee saw the destination and told the seller of recent online scams from that area. Lopez called PayPal to confirm payment for the shoes and was notified that the order was not genuine. He avoided the loss of the shoes plus $60 in shipping charges thanks to vigilant efforts of the postal employee.

Awareness is the key to stopping these types of scams before they happen.

What other types of phishing scams are you aware of that others should know about?

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