Sales Lead Means Money in the Bank for Investment Company

Mary McCarver, a clerk in Vancouver, WA, was helping a customer mail letters when she learned that his company, Fisher Investments, shipped many flats for marketing purposes to potential customers using UPS. From Mary’s conversation with the customer, she felt that USPS could offer a better solution for him. She contacted Mailing Solutions Specialist (MSS) Tory Foster and submitted the sales lead through the Employee Engagement Program (EEP).

Foster met with the Operations Manager at Fisher Investments, a financial advising company that provides clients with stock information and investing tips, and discovered that they used UPS specifically for its fast delivery service. The company wanted the most rapid response possible to have a better chance at closing a sale with potential customers when sending out promotional material. While speed was vital to the company, they also believed that saving money was also very important.

Foster presented First Class Mail as a potential solution since the vast majority of their flats weighed much less than thirteen ounces. He described the value of First Class Mail, such as speed, free forwarding and returns, Saturday delivery, and strength of reaching a broad consumer market. The lower price structure for First Class Mail was also discussed, as well as the additional option of presorting their mail for an even better rate.

Fisher Investments was impressed with the value USPS represented over their current service with UPS, particularly when they learned that USPS would get marketing information to consumers while they were still in a buying mode. The value of USPS services was more than enough to prompt Fisher to switch their business to the Postal Service. The move saved the company approximately $1,500 a day on average using First Class Mail over competing products, and earned the Postal Service approximately $260,000 in new annual revenue.

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