Unconventional Expansion Ideas for Historic Business

Unconventional ideas

Revenues are down at Post Offices across the globe, but that doesn’t mean they have to prepare for their own demise. That’s the philosophy of La Poste, the French Postal Service, when it developed an unconventional expansion opportunity.

Facing deteriorating volume due to digital migration, La Poste recently began looking into other business opportunities such as home insurance, energy services, and maintenance services, to name a few. Rather than starting another business from scratch, it’s seeking to establish partnerships with other firms that could benefit from adding La Poste’s brand image to their services.

A strong brand image is a highly marketable commodity, and a name like La Poste could add the same element to a corporate brand image as a popular athlete or famous actor.

Do you think the US Postal Service could use its strong brand identity to partner with a telecommunications firm, computer technology company, healthcare services group or other non-related businesses?

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