How Would You Like Your Winnings?

How would you like your winnings

Playing the lottery is an enticing way to stir up fantasies about fabulous vacations, a new car, and eliminating debt. Though the odds of winning aren’t usually encouraging, there are some whose ships do come in. If that incredible day were to arrive, how would you choose to claim your winnings?

That was an easy decision for a South Carolina resident, who won $100,000 in the Carolina Panthers scratch-off game. The lottery office was 150 miles from her home, and she didn’t want to drive the distance to claim her winnings. Rather than hop in her car for a lengthy road trip, she chose to mail her ticket to the claims office in Columbia, SC.

Lottery officials say that while the majority of winners choose to claim their prizes in person, the rules allow people to mail their tickets for prizes of $100,000 or less. That was good news for the South Carolina resident who chose to use the Postal Service as the preferred method of claiming and receiving her prize.

What other stories have you heard about similar shipments in the mail?

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