Post Danmark to Reduce Mailbox Access

Post Danmark

Digital migration has forced Post Danmark to consider cost cutting efforts that wouldn’t have been conceivable just ten years ago. That’s because the amount of letters sent through the system has been cut in half since that time.

Post Danmark will be removing 1,500 mailboxes from service within the next few months to rein in costs of service. The remaining boxes will be redistributed to ensure adequate availability. In addition to new placement, collection frequency from these boxes will be reduced to further trim costs.

Earlier this year, the struggling postal organization announced that it would be reducing the number of post offices around the country and adding services inside strategic supermarket locations. Post Danmark encourages customers to search its website for a mailbox or facility near them to avoid confusion with network changes.

What do you think of Post Danmark’s solution to reduced mail volume?



  1. Grannybunny

     /  December 20, 2012

    That would be “rein in costs,” meaning, to bring them under control like as reins do an animal.

  2. Anonymous

     /  December 21, 2012

    The USPS could learn from others…

  3. What we need...

     /  December 23, 2012

    This article made me wonder how the Danes were able to achieve this reduction in the volume of mail in the first place, and how soon our postmaster will implement a similar plan. After all, everyone knows how to increase mail volume – advertise the wonderful effect that mail has on our families and friends and businesses. You have to work hard to get people to reduce their use of a valuable service that’s a bargain to boot.
    Now that the Danes have the ball rolling, it sounds like they’ve nailed the next stage. Cut service and make it harder to use the mail. It’s simple, really. Perhaps then they can use the ever increasing drop in volume to justify rate increases that drives more business away.
    If the USPS wants to achieve cost savings, they’d just lock the doors, sell off all capital goods and dismiss every worker, and declare all pension obligations null and void.
    Fortunately, the USPS is not in the business of “trimming costs” or “saving” money.
    The greatest authority in the land, (the Constitution), requires that the USPS provide affordable mail service to every citizen no matter where they live. Right now, they do this very well without ANY tax dollars at all. They do it by providing every service they are allowed to provide and every service they are required to. Some services are “profitable” (the USPS is not allowed to make a profit by law), and the USPS uses that money to pay for the services that “lose” money (the USPS is not allowed to lose money by law).
    The crazed “free enterprise” folks want to con us into believing that we must destroy the Postal Service in order to save it. They’ve done this by adding a poison pill to the 2006 postal act that required the USPS to do what no other private company or government entity is required to do: pre-pay all retiree health care costs that would be paid to every worker hired in the next 75 years after they retire. And they must put this money aside within only 10 years. This amount is estimated of course – imagine trying to put a figure on health care when our costs are going up 10% every year, and then guessing what inflation might be. No company or government entity could possibly put aside that much money in that short a time. This poison pill was agreed to because it was so crazy that all the stakeholders (like our elected representatives) said that adjustments would be made to ensure retiree security in a reasonable manner. They didn’t realize that it was part of a carefully thought out plan to privatize the profits and place the costs on the taxpayer.
    What I believe is in the works now is a “solution” to the “crisis” the USPS finds itself in that will require it to sell off the lucrative package delivery part of its mandate to the highest bidder, (UPS and/or FEDEX). Naturally, they will only accept servicing the densely populated areas of the country – the unprofitable rural areas will remain with the USPS, as will the other unprofitable services. This will require the Postal Service to have taxpayers make up the losses while the new monopoly package delivery services charge whatever the market will bear. Compare todays’ prices that the USPS and the UPS and FEDEX charge to get the picture of where our rates are headed if these un-American folks get their way. And don’t forget we’ll pay higher taxes for a Postal Service that is being paid for now by those who use it (what could be more fair than that?).
    I urge you to write AND call your elected representatives (especially the “freedom from government” fanatics) every single day until this threat to our Postal Service is stopped.
    Tell them you know the USPS “crisis” is a lie, and you want them to reform the retiree healthcare requirement without making any other “fixes”.
    Although refunding the money the Fed owes the USPS for overpayments that the Federal government ordered would be nice…

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