The Disappearance of First-Class

The disappearance of first class

To many, First Class Mail is the method of choice for delivering birthday cards, bill payments, and letters to loved ones. Come spring, 2013, that method of delivery could be a thing of the past.

Ofcom, the independent regulator of the communications industries in the United Kingdom, has submitted a list of three possible service options for the Royal Mail service going into the future. The list is a result of a recent survey it sent to 4,000 residential customers and 1,100 businesses asking about their usage of the post service and the performance they experienced.

In the report of survey results, Ofcom stated, “Consumers say they are relying less on the postal service and increasingly substituting post with electronic methods of communication such as the Internet, email, telephone, and text.” The survey suggests that while customers are less reliant on the mail service, there is still a need for such things as greeting cards and parcels.

The survey gave customers three options to choose from for shaping the future of Royal Mail services – keeping the existing system, creating a single class rate at 53p and 95 percent quality of service, or creating a single class rate at 55p with 98 percent quality service. The results indicate that 59 percent of residential customers and 58 percent of business customers prefer a single rate service at 53p. The least expensive option was the preferred method of future mail delivery for survey respondents.

Citizens interested in expressing their opinions of the idea have until December 18  to do so. Ofcom will announce its final decision on the matter by March 31, 2013, and could act soon thereafter.

The complete Ofcom report on survey results can be viewed here.

What do you think of the idea of merging First Class Mail with Second Class Mail and eliminating next day delivery?



  1. Grannybunny

     /  December 18, 2012

    I’m opposed to eliminating First-Class Mail. It’s the “gold standard” Worldwide for mail delivery.

    • Jonn

       /  December 18, 2012

      I think the PO will eventually be an all package and advertising business. It might be a couple more decades before that happens, but future generations won’t have the option of sending cards in the mail like we do. We’ve gotta keep today’s kids interested in sending cards and letters in the mail or USPS will end first class mail sooner rather than later.

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