Helpful Tips for a Perfect Holiday Delivery

Helpful tips

Receiving a mystery holiday package from a family member or friend is a welcome treat. That mystery doesn’t have to be the condition the package arrives in if you follow the following packaging tips.

–         Always print addresses clearly. If you’re not sure of a ZIP Code, avoid guessing. Go to to look up the correct ZIP or leave it off of the address. Having no ZIP Code on a package is better than having a wrong one.

–         Place a separate label or card inside the package containing the address information. It’s a good back-up measure, just in case address information on the outside of the package falls off or becomes unreadable.

–         Use only fresh packaging to ship items. New boxes are sturdy and won’t warp or fall apart easily. Older packages may not protect their contents as well, and could cause holiday items to become damaged during transit.

–         Stuff the package well. Items are better protected from normal shifting during transit if they have an extra layer of cushion inside the package. Paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts will usually fill that role nicely. Extra cushion is especially important for fragile and glass items. Wrap them separately and fill any empty jars, vases, or other glass items with paper to strengthen their durability. Be sure to clearly mark packages with fragile items.

–         Make sure the package is free from unnecessary markings or old addresses to avoid confusion in the delivery process.

–         Don’t put foam stickers, string, bows, or anything else on the package exterior that could hinder the shipping process.

For more packaging tips or to order shipping materials (Priority Mail and Express Mail boxes are delivered to your door free of charge), go to

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