Like Money in the Bank

It builds up slowly over time, but the end result is stock pile of hours that’s as good as gold when we’re sick or injured.

Sick leave is a benefit that comes free with just being a part of the Postal Service. It builds up passively, without ever having to worry about how much to allocate to it from a scarce pool of resources. Accumulation doesn’t take away from present enjoyment of other earned benefits such as pay or annual leave. It’s a stealth pool of available assets, just like a secret savings account, hidden out of side in case of a rainy day.

When that rainy day happens, the bank of sick leave is there waiting for you, acting as a cushion to soften the blow of a difficult time. It’s hard to know exactly when or where such difficult times can happen, but having that safety net to protect income gives the added benefit of peace of mind. Knowing that a stream of income is waiting just in case something happens is a benefit in itself.

Having a pool of readily available sick leave handy is one of the best ways to maintain a steady stream of income, no matter what happens in the future. Keep building that pool today for a more secure tomorrow.

How has saving sick leave helped you during a difficult time when you needed it the most?



  1. Grannybunny

     /  November 27, 2012

    Actually, it’s more a matter of how not having Sick Leave (SL) almost hurt me. When I first became a career employee, I was a PTF, not getting full-time hours, so not earning the maximum amount of leave. I got very sick — with pneumonia — and had to be out for 3 weeks. I used up all my SL, plus some Annual Leave (AL). Little benownst to me, once you get pneumonia, you are predisposed to it, and I came down with it again the very next year. I was out an extended period of time, exhausting all my paid leave. Fortunately, I was able to return without missing too many paychecks, but it was very stressful having to worry about both my health and my finances. Since then, I’ve managed to build my leave balances back up and now have more than six months “in the bank.”

  2. Anonymous

     /  November 28, 2012

    I saved my sick leave. I needed a couple of surgerys. The Post office tried to fire me because I was not regular in attendance. Don’t save to much. I had over 2500 hours prior to my surgery.

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