Blue Friday

When you go out shopping, do you feel like you’re engaged in a bumper car derby without the benefit of a car? If so, that must mean only one thing – it’s black Friday, and the crowds are as massive as the lines are long.

While many brave, early shoppers have already surfed the rapids washing over stores this morning, there are still plenty of people out looking for bargains. What makes this such a frenetic day for holiday shoppers? Is it the $10 DVD sets, $50 laptops, or $100 televisions? Perhaps, but it could also be the frenzy of the excitement itself, luring customers to stores across America to snap up rock-bottom discounts.

Many people bring t-shirts home from vacations, announcing they survived the rapids, climbed Mt. High Mountain, or gobbled up the 20lb steak challenge at Howard’s BBQ Shack. Bragging rights are certainly a high point when telling friends and family about conquering a perilous challenge, and the t-shirt is a demonstration of that success. Showing off a coveted tablet PC or a smarter phone can serve the same purpose as a t-shirt, demonstrating the success of a dangerous venture.

Whatever the goal is for boldly plotting a course through the sea of shoppers today, keep safety in mind. Watch out for distracted drivers in parking lots. Know where little ones are at all times while navigating through stores, and don’t let them wander off.  Keep purses and wallets secured from thieves who could use the crowd as a distraction to steal your valuables. Shopping online is a good alternative to avoid these issues, and the Postal Service is standing by to make sure your new purchase arrives safely at your door.

What interesting experiences have you had while out shopping on a Black Friday?

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